Zithromax Plus Flagyl – Are They A Good Combo?

All of us are not really new when it comes to combining drugs for treatment. In fact, most doctors may recommend us with more than one drug in order to benefit a better healing result. The main reason for combining drugs is basically the doctors want the capability of each combined drug to take part in the healing process. For as long as there is no dangerous side effects, it is more recommended to combine drugs especially when the condition cannot be treated with just one medicine. One example to look upon would be zithromax plus flagyl. Before we go further with this drug combo, it is very important to discuss first a little anatomy of each drug.

There are many possible diseases that can affect us each day, and bacterial infections are one of them. Some bacteria cannot simply be cured with vitamin C antioxidants and simple antibiotics. This is where flagyl becomes a helpful medication. It is not only good at killing a wide array of bacteria but also a few types of intestinal parasites as well, such as amoebiasis. The dosage you will need to take will have to depend on what type of infection you have and how severe the infection is. Sometimes it is Zithromax plus Flagyl is a recommended combination by physicians to get better results.


The body is normally designed to heal itself and fight certain infections. However, when these diseases have become worst, it is helpful to take antibiotics like Flagyl. For people who have been affected by amoebiasis and other intestinal parasites, Flagyl is also a good drug. Since drugs are metabolized in the liver, it is advised that Flagyl dosage should be at minimum amount for patients with liver problems.


Bacteria normally enters the human body through food or water contamination. When the body’s natural defense is not enough, these microbes, begin to suck out the nutrients from its host to reproduce. If not treated immediately, it can transfer to other nearby organs and tissues, causing more complications. This is why there are times when doctors would recommend their patients to take a combination of medicines such as Zithromax plus Flagyl. Once you begin taking the drugs and follow the prescription instructions from your doctor, your body will begin to recover and go back to its normal healthy state.


Now there may be reasons why combining zithromax plus flagyl is a must. However, if you have not been recommended to do this by your doctor, then it is safe to stay with the drugs prescribed to you. So far there has been no known drug interactions of zithromax plus flagyl, although this does not mean the absence of any potential side effects – currently there is no strong study that can support this. Zithromax plus flagyl may be used to kill recurrent and hard to cure infections, however it should be noted that this should only be done under a doctor’s supervision.