What is Over the Counter Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are antibacterial medicines that help to fight off bacterial infections.  Since some bacteria have the capacity to infect our body and do some damage or discomfort to it, the use of antibiotics become necessary as this is the only way to fight against such microscopic organisms.  If you develop a bacterial infection, it is necessary to deal with the infection using antibiotics.  Although there are herbal medicines that have antibiotic properties, taking an antibiotic drug is still the more reliable way of getting rid of infection, especially since antibiotic drugs have been particularly designed for antibacterial treatment.

If you need to buy antibiotics, keep in mind that there are over the counter antibiotics which you can buy at any pharmacy without being prescribed by a doctor; and antibiotics that you cannot buy without the necessary doctor’s prescription.  The latter though are more potent antibiotics, which, as a regulation, need to be prescribed by a medical professional before the pharmacist can dispense them to you.  In most bacterial issue cases, over the counter antibiotics are sufficient enough to deal with the contagion.  Most over the counter antibiotics are effective enough to treat most cases of bacterial infections.

Although over the counter antibiotics may be dismissed as the weaker type of antibiotics, they still have enough antibacterial treatment property to enable you to treat a myriad of bacterial infections.  Being over the counter antibiotics mean they are weak.  Instead, we should be glad that there are such we can readily buy without being prescribed by a medical professional.  Since these antibiotics can be purchased over the counter, you will not have any trouble acquiring them; unlike with prescribed antibiotics wherein you have to go through the process of visiting your doctor just to get a medical prescription that gives your pharmacist permission to dispense you with antibiotic meds.


azithromycin tabletsIt is important to keep in mind that antibiotics, whether prescribed or over the counter antibiotics, should only be taken when you have a bacterial infection.  They should never be used abusively or you may end up having bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics you are using.  If you use antibiotics carelessly and for no real reason, the chance of certain good bacteria within your body may develop the resistance to antibiotics and pass on the information to bad bacteria that may infect your body in the future.  Due to this, it is discouraged to use antibiotics if you do not have any bacterial infection.

Buying over the counter antibiotics does not always necessarily mean getting the antibiotics from physical pharmacies.  While this may have been the usual case, due to online shops that sell antibiotics, you can now acquire your antibiotics, the ones that do not need to be prescribed to you, online.  The good thing about getting over the counter antibiotics online is that meds are much cheaper to buy online.  This means that if you buy your meds online, you will be able to save money just by purchasing your antibiotic meds online.