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Azithromycin Side Effects You Must Not Forget

Almost all medicines we take can cause side effects, and azithromycin is no exception.  While it is true that azithromycin can cause side effects, a lot of us tend to exhibit minor or no side effects at all.  The most common azithromycin side effects are upset stomach, stomach pain that is mild, loose stools or mild diarrhea, headache, and vomiting.  Remember that all these side effects are very common in most antibiotics.

Remember that some azithromycin side effects happen normally and most probably will not need medical help.  As your system adjusts to the presence of the medicine while under treatment, the side effects will usually subside without any issues.

Alcohol and Azithromcyin

Azithromycin side effects include stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and headaches.

If you are an alcohol drinker, it is wise not to drink any alcoholic beverages during and after a few days of completing your treatment, because you are exposing yourself to undesirable azithromycin side effects that are more severe than usual.  Also, aside from the 5 azithromycin side effects mentioned above, some people who mix alcohol along with this drug can also suffer from other adverse azithromycin side effects such as edema or swelling, extreme fatigue, irregular heartbeat, hives, swelling and jaundice or yellowing of the eyes and skin.

Understand that your liver works in order to eliminate azithromycin from your system.  In extremely rare cases, this drug can possibly cause the user liver damage, resulting to an elevated degree of azithromycin side effects.  Symptoms like extreme fatigue, pain in the stomach, skin that is itchy and yellowing of the skin and eyes are signs of injury at the liver.  This is the main reason why it is wise to abstain from doing things that contribute to making your liver being stressed, such as drinking alcohol, while under azithromycin treatment.

Also, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol for some time while under azithromycin treatment.  Remember that not only alcohol can cause your liver to function poorly, but it can also dehydrate you, and thus making azithromycin side effects like vomiting, nausea and headache be even more worse should it arise, which is highly likely to happen if you have an alcohol hangover. Continue reading

Important facts About Antibiotics for Sale

Whenever once of the family members get sick, most people would traditionally look for antibiotics in their medicine cabinets, or buy an antibiotics drug at the nearest drug store. This is so common that we normally do not go to the doctor anymore but instead buy antibiotics for sale immediately for treatment. Since most infections are so common, most people will not treat it as something serious and we all believe that we can just self-medicate with available antibiotics for sale. We would only go to the doctor if the situation gets worse, or we do not get the healing results we have expected.

However before you buy antibiotics for sale you should know some precautions that would avoid you with complications in the future. Simple as it may be, the antibiotics for sale may not always be safe especially if you use it too often. Proper usage of antibiotics is very important since this is the most common drug abused by a lot of people. Taking the wrong dosage for the wrong infection will eventually lead to complications that are harder to treat.

Our environment is made up of different microorganisms, including bacteria. Even our body is made up of bacteria. However not all of those bacteria are bad; some are even good and essential for our survival. But once the bad bacteria have taken control over your system, you begin to feel sick and that is where an infection occurs. Infections are very undesirable since they limit us from living a normal and healthy life. If not treated immediately, infections can be fatal.

There are many antibiotics for sale today that are intended to cure any types of bacterial infections, such as those occurring in the skin, lungs, kidneys and the stomach. However taking too much of it can be dangerous at the same time. Since we are also made of bacteria, the antibiotics might not only kill the bad ones but also the good ones. Moreover, the wrong dosage will eventually increase your body’s resistance against antibiotics. Thus, if you get sick in the future, your body might not be able to respond with antibiotics anymore and it would be harder to treat your infection. Continue reading