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What Are the Most Effective Chlamydia Antibiotics?

Chlamydia is a type of infection that can be passed through sexual activities. It is commonly characterized with a number of discomforts in the genital parts of a man or woman. Such symptoms may include smelly or abnormal discharge, difficulties or painful urination, pain during sex, itchiness, and many others. If you have been positive with chlamydia then your doctor will have to prescribed you with chlamydia antibiotics for treatment. So far, the most effective chlamydia antibiotics are azithromycin and doxycycline. Clinical studies have proven that these antibiotic drugs are sufficient enough to kill the bacteria that have caused the infection. In fact, when you take these chlamydia antibiotics you do not need to combine them with other treatments because they are enough to treat your condition.

There are a number of points you should remember if you have been diagnosed positive with chlamydia. As soon as you are prescribed with chlamydia antibiotics, you should also let your sexual partner have the treatment, including those whom you have sex with for the last couple of months to avoid the infection from being spread. You may request your health care professionals attending you do this so that you and your partner/s are safe from the infectious sexually transmitted disease. But you should not worry since chlamydia is treatable given that you strictly adhere to the advices given to you by your doctor. Moreover, you should abstain from having sex with your partner during treatment, otherwise your chances of having back the bacterial infection is high. Continue reading

Antibiotics Online – Internet Stores has Simply Made Buying Much Easier

Prior to the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming, much of the world’s population succumbed to the simplest diseases as they are not aware of the invisible dangers brought about by bacteria as well as viruses.  Thanks to the accidental discovery of penicillin, the ability to treat infectious diseases has become groundbreaking and this paved the way to the discovery of other antibiotic drugs along with their derivatives.  The presence and availability of antibiotic medicine has simply made the world a much better and livable place.  In fact, the availability of antibiotics online has made it easier and more economical to buy antibiotics.

Antibiotics are a very important part of our life.  Surely, there are hardly any individuals living in the modern world that have not yet used antibiotics.  The truth is that many of us actually owe gratitude towards antibiotic drugs because without them, it is likely that we have already succumbed to the simplest bacterial diseases.  A good example for this is E. coli and salmonella infection.  These bacterial contagions are actually very easy to treat with antibiotics.  However, should you ignore the infection with the belief that your immune system will take care of the infection, it is likely that you will not live to tell the tale about it.  Treating such with antibiotics is necessary and the convenience of being able to buy your antibiotics online has life much easier. Continue reading

Got Bacterial Infection? Use Azithromycin Tablets

Whenever we get an infection, we usually think first of getting an antibiotic, which is described as something that has antibacterial action that works in stopping the growth of bacteria or it kills the bacteria.  Nowadays, thanks to the ever-increasing knowledge of the causes of many different types of infectious diseases, our researchers, scientists, pharmacists, and doctors have developed many antibiotics that possess a broader range of antimicrobial elements, which include anti-fungal properties and other compounds that solely battle different types of bacteria.

These days, for those who have already got a bacterial infection in their lives, the first thing that comes to mind is the generic name of Zithromax, “azithromycin”.  Azithromycin is actually considered to be one of the world’s best-selling and well-known antibiotics!  In case you didn’t know, azithromycin is derived from erythromycin, an antibiotic that is usually prescribed for people who are found to be allergic to penicillins.

Azithromycin tablets are actually very useful, even children who experienced some kind of bacterial infection are aware of its name!  Azithromycin tablets are commonly used to prevent or treat specific bacterial infections, such as those that cause:

  • Acute otitis media (Middle ear infections)
  • Respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia and pertussis
  • Strep throat
  • Gastrointestinal infections – such as traveler’s diarrhea
  • Typhoid
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis

A few years ago, azithromycin tablets are so helpful that they are deemed as the first-line of defense for prevention of bacterial infections in infants and children with weaker immune systems.  Azithromycin tablets are so effective that it is even used against some sexually transmitted infections (STDs) such as:

  • Chlamydia
  • Non-gonococcal urethritis
  • Cervicitis

Azithromycin tablets have also proven to be very effective against malaria when taken in combination with quinine or artesunate; however, the optimal dosage for this is still unknown.

How azithromycin tablets really work inside the body is simply by preventing the bacteria from growing.  It interferes or obstructs the bacteria’s protein synthesis, or in simpler words, the bacteria’s ability to create new proteins which it uses for energy in order to survive.

Unlike the antibiotic erythromycin, azithromycin tablets are considered to be acid-stable, which means that it can be taken in by mouth without having to think about getting protection from stomach acids.  It is known to be readily absorbed by the body; however, its absorption is found to be much greater when the azithromycin tablet is taken on an empty stomach.

While azithromycin tablets are considered to be very useful and they are the first-line of defense against bacterial infections, it is still considered to be incompatible to other people, whereas other people are advised to actually never use it.  Some people are advised to use it with special care.  Azithromycin can only be prescribed to you if you are a special case, or he/she may not prescribe it at all if you:

  • Have liver disease
  • Have an unusually slow heart rate or have had risk factors regarding the heart
  • Have metabolic issues
  • Have psychiatric issues
  • Are sensitive, allergic, or have had a bad reaction to antibiotic macrolides in the past