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What You Should Know about Alcohol and Azithromycin

Let’s face it – a lot of people will tell you that drinking alcohol while you’re on medication is definitely okay, but others will tell you otherwise. However, there are times that you really want to just have one drink or two to satisfy your alcoholic cravings. Should you be currently prescribed by your doctor to take an antibiotic like azithromycin, you may be wondering, is it safe to take both alcohol and azithromycin? Check out the reasons below.

  • Is it safe to take both alcohol and azithromycin at the same time? Some people say “No”.

The Reason: Mixing alcohol with any type of medication, let alone antibiotics, is definitely not a good idea.

If you read about the medicine pamphlet of azithromycin, you will find out a list of side effects it can give you.  When you take both alcohol and azithromycin, chances are that if ever you experience such side effects, you will feel them immensely as they can get supersized due to the alcohol potentially rendering your body out of whack and unable to respond normally to the treatment.

Known side effects of taking azithromycin include: diarrhea, headache, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Serious side effects include: hives, syncope, edema, irregular or unusually fast heartbeat, jaundice and intense fatigue.

Your liver works hard to filter and remove toxins from the body, including alcohol and azithromycin.  In very rare cases, azithromycin can impair your liver and cause damage that can result to even more serious side effects. Symptoms such as jaundice, excruciating abdominal pain, hives and intense fatigue may be due to an injured or damaged liver.  This is why most doctors or medical personnel think that it is a good idea to abstain from anything that might cause your liver a lot of stress, and this is why they strongly believe that alcohol and azithromycin are not a very good mix if you want to recover from your ailment. Continue reading

Antibiotics For Sale: A Friend Or A Foe?

When you feel like you are about to get sick and suspected that it’s the bacterial infection again that has bothered you sometime a few weeks ago, what would be the first thing that you are going to do? For most people, the fastest solution would be to go to the nearest drug store and buy antibiotics for sale. If the doctor has been repeatedly prescribing you with the same antibiotics whenever you feel the familiar sickly symptoms again, of course you would probably not go back to your doctor again to spend another few bucks but instead go directly to the store that has antibiotics for sale. For some people, buying antibiotics for sale from the local pharmacies is already a culture and going immediately to the doctor is not the first option. However how safe is it to self-medicate especially when antibiotics for sale from local stores are already involved? How bad or how good can it be to buy antibiotics for sale directl without a doctor’s consent?

Buying antibiotics for sale without a doctor’s prescription can sometimes be good but at the same time bad. When does it becomes good? For some reason, it is very impractical indeed to go to your doctor from time to time to treat a simple infection you know you have already handled previously and you know what antibiotic to use. Of course we all value our money and aside from that, antibiotics for sale may not always be cheap. Plus a doctor’s consultation fee can really drain your savings. That is why most people choose to immediately buy antibiotics for sale from local drug stores to cut cost. However this option can be also more dangerous than what you ever think. If you are not well educated enough about the drugs you are taking then you might as well take them at the wrong time or for the from illness. Some ailments may have the same symptoms with the other ailments and assuming immediately that it is just a simple infection may not treat you at all. Continue reading

When You Should Buy Antibiotics Online

Cutting edge drug utilizes a considerable measure of antibiotics for treatment of a few infections. We utilize this as a treatment for almost any types of bacterial infections. Buying antibiotics online is turning into a pattern this recent years. The comfort of simply requesting antibiotics online is exceptionally speaking to the populace particularly the individuals who have boisterous timetables and don’t have room schedule-wise to hurried to the closest drug store. A weakness getting antibiotics online however is that you won’t have the prescriptions in that spot and afterward. It would really take a few days before it is conveyed in your home relying upon your area.

A standout amongst the most normally utilized anti-microbial are Azithromycin tablets. Azithromycin tablets are wide range antibiotics and is utilized to treat a few conditions. The suitable measurement for Azithromycin tablets is controlled by your specialist focused around your weight, age, and seriousness of infection. You ought to take your Azithromycin tablets on the interim endorsed by your specialist. It could be each 12 or like clockwork. This is critical to keep up a restorative level of the medication in your blood. This will make the medication more powerful and more strong for the microbes.

The suggested dose of azithromycin tablets for treating normal bacterial infections is 250 mg or 500 mg once a day inside three to five days. Be that as it may, for kids, it will be built generally with respect to their weight to be more particular. For treating sexually transmitted infections, Azithromycin tablet is given at an immense one time measurements. Beside tablets, this medication could likewise be in a type of suspension. One vital thing to recall when utilizing a suspension is to shake it before utilizing. Continue reading

Why it is Better and More Economical to Buy Antibiotics Online

Antibiotics or antibacterial medications are your first line of defense against bacterial infections and diseases.  These are the drugs you use when you get infected by bacteria that causes harm to your body.  In the past, people did not have access to antibiotics which is why many succumbed to even the faintest bacterial disease.  These days though we are very lucky because we easily have access to highly effective antibiotic drugs and we have the option to buy them locally at our nearest pharmacies, or we can choose to buy our antibiotics online because it is more economical.

These days, a lot of people choose to buy their antibiotics online because it is way more economical getting antibiotics online than getting them from your local pharmacy.  This is because antibiotics online merchants charge much less the physical pharmacies for every pill of antibiotics they sell online.  This is why people who have access online mostly choose to get their medications like antibiotics online to enjoy the savings you can get by simply buying your antibiotics online instead from your local pharmacy.

There is however a small unwritten rule on where you should buy your antibiotics.  If you have bacterial infections that need immediate treatment, of course it is only logical that you buy the antibiotics needed to treat your infection from your local pharmacy.  This way, you get to use the antibiotic treatment immediately as soon as you pay for it.  However, if you do not have any diseases but simply plan on buying antibiotics for storage or stocking purposes, then it would be better to get your antibiotics online because it is definitely much cheaper getting your antibiotics online. Continue reading

Azithromycin Tablets: Are These Suitable for You?

Azithromycin tablets are not suitable for everyone and a few people should never use it. Different patients should simply use it with extraordinary safeguard. It is hence imperative that the doctor embracing you this remedy knows your full therapeutic history.

Your prescriber may very well propose this prescription with remarkable contemplations or may not embrace it at all in case you are extremely touchy, have had an appalling reaction to macrolides, have hypersensitive reaction to any of the components in the solution, have unusual heart rate, have kidney issue, have liver disease, have metabolic issues, have myasthenia gravis, have neurological issues, and have psychiatric issues. When all is said in done, the prescriber may very well underwrite this drug with phenomenal mind or may not prescribe it at all for little youngsters or the individuals who weigh underneath 45 kg. Continue reading

Over the Counter Antibiotics – What Are They?

Over the counter antibiotics are medications which you can immediately avail in drugstores without the need of a doctor’s prescription. There are numerous reasons why people buy over the counter antibiotics. One of the most common reasons would be due to low finances. Most of the time we do not want to go back to the doctor for another expensive prescription if we already know what antibiotics to take. This is most likely for people who have experienced the same infections again, such as UTI. If you have the same repeated symptoms of a particular infection then most likely your doctor will prescribe you with the same antibiotics. Whereas when you go and buy over the counter antibiotics, you can skip the medical expenses you would have spent going back to the doctor.

Another reason why people opt for over the counter antibiotics is because they do not have medical insurances. Remember that without insurance medications can be very expensive. This is the case for most people who are immigrants. For some, buying over the counter antibiotics is also a used to culture – they prefer to treat themselves with over the counter antibiotics they can immediately avail than going to the doctor to avoid expensive medical costs.

Continue reading

Buying Over the Counter Antibiotics – Is It Safe?

Bacterial infections seem to be a normal and daily battle in our lives as we are continuously exposed to the different pathogens. Since they are part of the ecosystem then we cannot do much about them but prevent such microorganisms to enter and plunder all the nutrients our body needs for health. We are all naturally gifted with the immune system that is why it should not be that easy to get an infection despite of our exposure to the different microorganism everyday. However there are times that our immune is defeated and the invaders attack our bodies for their own survival. In this case we need effective back up to kill the germs and regain back our health. Antibiotics such as azithromycin could be your effective weapon against numerous forms of infections. Since infections can occur anytime and sometimes can be recurrent, it is a common practice for some people to buy over the counter antibiotics like azithromycin. However the issue about the safety of buying over the counter antibiotics remains a problem as not all people are educated enough about the safety usage of antibiotics. So when can we say that it is safe to buy over the counter antibiotics? Continue reading

Azithromycin Tablets Basic Info You Need to Know

Azithromycin tablets are intended for bronchitis, sexually transmitted diseases, lung infections, pneumonia, and many other types of bacterial infections. The drugs azithromycin tablets belong to the macrolide type of antibiotics. The medications work by killing the bacteria that has caused the illness; however, it cannot be used as treatment for viral infections.

We are all actually exposed to the different types of infections everyday. Each day our immune system defends us against these pathogens; however our immune system is not always a guarantee to not experience any infections at all. It seems part of the normal life; but not treating the infections right away can put your health at risk as the intruders start to spread to the nearest organs, sucking all the nutrients you have for their survival. This is where antibiotics such as azithromycin tablets come in handy as they kill all the bacteria and help you regain back your health.

Azithromycin can be taken with or without your food. However you should take only the smallest effective dosage to prevent new strains of bacteria from developing. New strains could have higher resistances and much more difficult to defeat with ordinary antibiotics. Never begin a course of antibiotics treatment if you are not sure about your symptoms and you do not have prior knowledge about the right dosage you should take. It is better that you consult first your doctor to have valid diagnosis and be informed of the appropriate azithromycin tablets dosage you should be taking. Continue reading

Azithromycin Tablets for Gonorrhea Treatment

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium. Often times this infection is accompanied with chlamydia infection and thus doctors might recommend you a combination of drugs rather than a single antibiotic drug.

Azithromycin tablets are commonly prescribed as treatment for gonorrhoea patients. The dosage might vary since it depends on the age, weight, recent health condition and the severity of the infection. And since the infection is commonly diagnosed with chlamydia, Azithromycin tablets alone may not be sufficient for treatment. Your doctor needs to prescribe you with additional antibiotic drugs to get the optimum benefits of the drug.

The sexually transmitted infection can be recurrent, which is the most common case among patients. This is the reason why doctors will recommend you to come back after three months to check again your condition. Apart from this, you also need to inform your partner in case you have been diagnosed with gonorrhoea, whether your partner feels the symptoms or not. There might be chances that the infection will affect both of you if the other one carrying it is not being treated. If you have multiple partners, make sure that you use condoms and other safety measures for safe sex to avoid other sexually transmitted diseases. However, Azithromycin tablets do not provide you protection against these ailments, such as HIV. Make sure that you practice safe sex to avoid getting the infection. Continue reading