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What is the Correct Azithromycin Dosage for You?

Azithromycin is a very popular antibiotic drug as it is considered by many doctors as one of the most effective.  Azithromycin is actually very safe to say and it is mainly available in two azithromycin dosage – 250mg and 500mg.  Azithromycin is very effective in treating different varieties of bacterial diseases that are quite common to all of us.  Azithromycin is also very safe to take and very rarely leaves any side effects.  Although there are two azithromycin dosage which you can use, most people simply use or get prescribed with azithromycin dosage 500mg as this is the more popular dosage form for any antibiotics.

Although there is really no overdose when you take that azithromycin dosage of 500mg, if you only need the 250mg, then you should only use the azithromycin dosage of 250mg.  There is actually nothing wrong in using azithromycin dosage 500mg, but if the higher azithromycin dosage is not necessary, then simply use the lower azithromycin dosage available instead.  Not only will you be able to save money, but you will also prevent any possibility of developing any resistant strains of bacteria.  This is the very reason why pharmaceutical companies made lower dosages of their 500mg antibiotics.

Azithromycin is available in pill form, suspension form, and IV form.  Although the most common form is the pill form, the use of suspension and IV is often used in hospital settings.  If you develop any bacterial disease, it is vital that you consult your condition with a medical professional so that you can be properly diagnosed.  In addition to this, since antibiotics are prescription medications, you will not be able to buy antibiotics without any medical prescription.  This makes it necessary to consult your doctor to get the medical prescription to buy azithromycin antibiotics. Continue reading