Over the Counter Antibiotics – What Are They?

Over the counter antibiotics are medications which you can immediately avail in drugstores without the need of a doctor’s prescription. There are numerous reasons why people buy over the counter antibiotics. One of the most common reasons would be due to low finances. Most of the time we do not want to go back to the doctor for another expensive prescription if we already know what antibiotics to take. This is most likely for people who have experienced the same infections again, such as UTI. If you have the same repeated symptoms of a particular infection then most likely your doctor will prescribe you with the same antibiotics. Whereas when you go and buy over the counter antibiotics, you can skip the medical expenses you would have spent going back to the doctor.

Another reason why people opt for over the counter antibiotics is because they do not have medical insurances. Remember that without insurance medications can be very expensive. This is the case for most people who are immigrants. For some, buying over the counter antibiotics is also a used to culture – they prefer to treat themselves with over the counter antibiotics they can immediately avail than going to the doctor to avoid expensive medical costs.

Whatever the reasons why you buy over the counter antibiotics, you should take note that there are risks you should consider when you choose self medication over a doctor’s expertise. One risk might be using the wrong dosage of antibiotics which will in the long run result to higher bacterial resistance. This means you might develop resistance with antibiotics and your body will no longer respond to them the next time you have infections. Moreover, there are infections that can be healed by the body itself so you do not need to take over the counter antibiotics. This will save you from spending at the same time the risks.

But there are times where we cannot avoid to immediately resort to over the counter antibiotics whenever we feel ill and we need immediate healing results. The body may take time to heal itself, but taking over the counter antibiotics will hasten the healing results so we can get back to our normal healthy life. But remember, you should never take the risks for granted before you can say sorry in the future.

As a summary, taking over the counter antibiotics is not that bad after all, but there should be limitations. One, you should be knowledgeable enough to whatever antibiotics you take to avoid the misuse of drugs and any undesirable side effects. As much as possible, buy only over the counter antibiotics when you think you really need it most. Do not immediately resort to medicines the moment you have infections – try to observe a few days to see if the body can heal itself. Otherwise grab yourself some over the counter antibiotics to get treatments. And the best advice would be to let your doctor know first about your condition, if it is your first time to get a particular infection, before you buy over the counter antibiotics.