Over the Counter Antibiotics Pros and Cons

For some people, buying over the counter antibiotics is a common thing. In fact, a lot of people prefer to buy over the counter antibiotics because it is more expensive to get a doctor’s prescription especially for a very simple type of infection. Although it may seem that purchasing over the counter antibiotics is safe and convenient, there are a number of pros and cons about avoiding a doctor’s approval. This article will shortly discuss both the positive side and negative side when you avail over the counter antibiotics.

Why do people buy over the counter antibiotics?

The reason as to why many people choose to buy over the counter antibiotics may vary per individual. For most individuals, buying over the counter antibiotics is a lot more convenient than going to doctor. How come it is more convenient? For one, you do not really want to spend so much for your medical expenses especially for a simple recurrent infection. If you are already familiar with the symptoms you are experiencing because you have it in the past then going to the doctor may be a lot of wasting time. most likely you already know which antibiotics you need to take for that particular infection. This is especially true among the third world countries, and even to the western countries where it has already been a tradition to buy over the counter antibiotics. Moreover, people who do not have an insurance and do not have sufficient funds to support their medical expenses will have to prefer over the counter antibiotics because they can have a lot of savings than going to get an expensive prescription from a doctor. Some people have also already made it a practice to buy over the counter antibiotics if they suspect a bacterial infection that has caused them the troublesome symptoms.

What are the possible dangers of buying antibiotics without a doctor’s approval?

Of course, when you buy over the counter antibiotics you might be facing risks as well. Number one, you can avail the wrong drugs for your condition. Remember that there might be times when certain diseases could have the same symptoms. Without a doctor’s diagnosis, you could misdiagnose your condition and as a result take the wrong medication. This can be dangerous since you do not only get treated but you might also suffer the side effects of the drug. And given that you have chosen the right antibiotic for your condition. How about the dosage? The dose you need to take for a particular infection is critical. If you take a lower dose, you might not get healed. If you take the higher dose, you may be healed but your chances of developing higher antibiotic resistance are high. As a consequence, your body might not respond with simple antibiotics anymore the next time you have an infection. That is why if you are so concerned about your healing outcomes, then it is better to consult first a doctor before you try buying over the counter antibiotics.