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Why Alcohol and Azithromycin Is A Bad Combo

Taking alcoholic drinks is an ordinary piece of life. We take alcohol when we mingle, when we are forlorn, when we are glad, when we have something to celebrate, when we hang out with companions, or when we simply need to be distant from everyone else. On the other hand, taking alcohol may not be fitting when you are under treatment. As what you may know, any sorts of medications can have dangerous connections with alcohol. Regularly, the alcohol can amplify the symptoms of a specific medication so as opposed to being mended you are getting the terrible results. In this article, we will in a matter of seconds disclose to you why Azithromycin is an awful combo with alcohol.

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Is it Bad to take Alcohol and Azithromycin Together?

This question has probably been one of the most common questions ever asked when it comes to the intake of medicines for the betterment of health.  If you are wondering if it is bad to take alcohol and azithromycin together, then you may get confused at the answers. You read that right, there are two simple answers: both yes and no.  If you are an alcohol drinker, surely you would rejoice at the fact that you can still drink both alcohol and azithromycin if ever you would need to take the latter.  However, it is still best to educate yourself with what you are possibly doing to your body if you go ahead and take alcohol and azithromycin together.

For those who believe that alcohol and azithromycin is totally okay to take at the same time, they would most surely say “Yes, it is okay for you to take both alcohol and azithromycin together.”  While this answer will definitely make the frequent alcohol drinker happy as they won’t have to abstain themselves while under treatment, they need to be made aware about further details concerning this.

Most people who believe that it is entirely okay to take these two things at the same time still do it with caution, and also they remind themselves to drink alcohol with moderation. It is also a good thing to monitor yourself should any undesirable side effects are felt after these two things are ingested.

For those who believe that alcohol and azithromycin is not a good pair, they say “No” to drinking them together especially if you are indeed in need of the azithromycin’s antibiotic effects to help you get rid of the infection you are currently suffering from.

The medicine azithromycin might potentially cause a user to feel dizzy, drowsy, experience light-headedness, or suffer from a blurry vision.  Take note that these undesirable effects may become much worse if one drinks both alcohol and azithromycin at the same time.  Do be careful when taking azithromycin and move with caution.  Make sure that you must not drive or perform tasks that either require your full attention or if such tasks are extremely heavy to do up until you are aware of the effects of the drug.

While it is entirely okay for some people to drink both alcohol and azithromycin, know that you may be subjecting yourself to different types of outcomes, which can sometimes result to not-so-good ones.

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What You Should Know about Alcohol and Azithromycin

Let’s face it – a lot of people will tell you that drinking alcohol while you’re on medication is definitely okay, but others will tell you otherwise. However, there are times that you really want to just have one drink or two to satisfy your alcoholic cravings. Should you be currently prescribed by your doctor to take an antibiotic like azithromycin, you may be wondering, is it safe to take both alcohol and azithromycin? Check out the reasons below.

  • Is it safe to take both alcohol and azithromycin at the same time? Some people say “No”.

The Reason: Mixing alcohol with any type of medication, let alone antibiotics, is definitely not a good idea.

If you read about the medicine pamphlet of azithromycin, you will find out a list of side effects it can give you.  When you take both alcohol and azithromycin, chances are that if ever you experience such side effects, you will feel them immensely as they can get supersized due to the alcohol potentially rendering your body out of whack and unable to respond normally to the treatment.

Known side effects of taking azithromycin include: diarrhea, headache, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting. Serious side effects include: hives, syncope, edema, irregular or unusually fast heartbeat, jaundice and intense fatigue.

Your liver works hard to filter and remove toxins from the body, including alcohol and azithromycin.  In very rare cases, azithromycin can impair your liver and cause damage that can result to even more serious side effects. Symptoms such as jaundice, excruciating abdominal pain, hives and intense fatigue may be due to an injured or damaged liver.  This is why most doctors or medical personnel think that it is a good idea to abstain from anything that might cause your liver a lot of stress, and this is why they strongly believe that alcohol and azithromycin are not a very good mix if you want to recover from your ailment. Continue reading