Can I Take Zithromax Plus Flagyl Altogether?

Often times we encounter more than one ailment caused by a single microbe. If this happens, it is often advised by doctor to take more than one type of medication to heal each problem. Zithromax plus Flagyl combined altogether is not unusual since doctors recommend a combination therapy of these antibiotics if your body needs more healing due to other complications. However, you are not advised to self-treat using Zithromax plus Flagyl without a doctor’s recommendation. There have been some known minor interaction between the drugs but these are generally negligible given that the benefits weigh more than these small side effects. However, only a doctor can advise you to take Zithromax plus Flagyl so you should never get these drugs over the counter without an approval from a professional health practitioner.


What is Zithromax for?


Zithromax is known as the brand name for azithromycin, a powerful antibiotic drug used to cure almost any types of bacterial infections. It is generally prescribed for simple types of infections, such as skin infections, throat or ear infections, and many others, to more complicated infections such as patients who have recently recovering from a surgery wherein their bodies are prone to infections. Depending on the level of infection, the dosing for zithromax can vary per individual. It is advised that you heed the doctor’s instructions before taking this antibiotic drug since there are dangerous consequences of taking the wrong dosages.


What is Flagyl?


Flagyl, on the other hand, is another type of antibiotic drug used to cure a wide array of bacterial infections. The difference between flagyl and zithromax is that it is generally more versatile as it can also kill parasitic-induced infections. However only a limited type of parasites can be killed with flagyl, such as amoebiasis. For patients having multiple infection problems, a good combination of zithromax plus flagyl could be a great help for faster recovery and healing.


As mentioned above, you are not advised to take zithromax plus flagyl without a doctor’s recommendation. Take only Zithromax plus Flagyl if you have an approval from your doctor and you are experiencing bacterial infections. Other types of infections not bacterial in nature cannot be treated with Zithromax plus Flagyl. If you think you have been suffering with an infection that never goes away with Zithromax plus Flagyl, you need to consult your doctor as this might be caused of not taking the right medications to cure the problem.


Young children and older patients are advised to take the minimum dosage as they are more vulnerable to drug side effects. A doctor should weigh the pros and cons of Zithromax plus Flagyl before prescribing them to their patients, especially those having other health problems such as liver problems.


Zithromax plus Flagyl combo is not intended for other purposes unless approved by the doctor. These drugs are not also intended for recreational purposes. Talk to your doctor today if you think you need to take both Zithromax plus Flagyl to cure your infections.