Buying Over the Counter Antibiotics – Is It Safe?

Bacterial infections seem to be a normal and daily battle in our lives as we are continuously exposed to the different pathogens. Since they are part of the ecosystem then we cannot do much about them but prevent such microorganisms to enter and plunder all the nutrients our body needs for health. We are all naturally gifted with the immune system that is why it should not be that easy to get an infection despite of our exposure to the different microorganism everyday. However there are times that our immune is defeated and the invaders attack our bodies for their own survival. In this case we need effective back up to kill the germs and regain back our health. Antibiotics such as azithromycin could be your effective weapon against numerous forms of infections. Since infections can occur anytime and sometimes can be recurrent, it is a common practice for some people to buy over the counter antibiotics like azithromycin. However the issue about the safety of buying over the counter antibiotics remains a problem as not all people are educated enough about the safety usage of antibiotics. So when can we say that it is safe to buy over the counter antibiotics?

First of all, people buy over the counter antibiotics such as azithromycin for a number of reasons. One is the occurrence of persistent infections. Often times you may experience an infection and you already know what you need because you already have it previously. It could be a pain in the neck to return to your doctor and get expensive examinations every time you have it. Second is that some people do not have insurance and it is too expensive to buy prescription medications. The third one is that it could be a cultural norm and poverty. Some people also buy over the counter antibiotics when they suffer acne, rosacea, and other skin infections and going to the dermatologist for a refill is an expensive route.

However it is not always safe to buy over the counter antibiotics if it is your first time due to a number of reasons. First, you might be taking the wrong drugs for your infection, and in the end this might cause more problems. Next is that you may not be able to take the right dosage, thus possibly increasing bacterial resistance. These new strains of bacteria can be difficult to treat as you will need higher levels of antibiotics which are expensive and not easy to find. You may also not know about drug interactions with certain foods, supplements and drinks. Side effects might also occur as the result of self-medication.

Thus, it is generally safe to buy over the counter antibiotics when you know you need it and have prior and repeated experience of the same type of infection. However, if you have doubts and not sure what antibiotics to take, it is highly recommended that you visit  your doctor first rather than buying over the counter antibiotics.

Today you may try effective antibiotics such as azithromycin to kill the bacteria causing your infections. You may also buy azithromycin at your online drugstores just like the other over the counter antibiotics today.