Buy Antibiotics Online

Modern medicine uses a lot of antibiotics for treatment of several diseases. We use this as a treatment for a simple ear infection like otitis media to a complicated bacterial infection like pneumonia. Buying antibiotics online is becoming a trend this past few years. The convenience of just ordering antibiotics online is very appealing to the population especially those who have hectic schedules and don’t have time to run to the nearest pharmacy. A disadvantage getting antibiotics online though is that you won’t have the medications right there and then. It would actually take a couple of days before it is delivered in your home depending on your location.

One of the most commonly used antibiotic are Azithromycin tablets. Azithromycin tablets are broad spectrum antibiotics and is used to treat several conditions. The appropriate dosage for Azithromycin tablets is determined by your doctor based on your weight, age, and severity of infection. You should take your Azithromycin tablets on the interval prescribed by your doctor. It could be every 12 or every 24 hours. This is important to maintain a therapeutic level of the drug in your blood. This will make the drug more effective and more potent for the bacteria.

The recommended dosage of azithromycin tablets for treating common bacterial infections is 250 mg or 500 mg once a day within three to five days. However, for children, it will be based usually on their weight to be more specific. For treating sexually transmitted diseases, Azithromycin tablet is given at a huge one time dose. Aside from tablets, this drug could also be in a form of suspension. One important thing to remember when using a suspension is to shake it before using.

Our liver metabolize Azithromycin tablets and convert it to an active form to be used by our body. It is very important for a patient to have Liver Function Test while in this treatment. This is to make sure that the drug is properly metabolized by our body. Patients who have liver problems are not recommended to take Azithromycin tablets.

Patients with kidney problems cannot take Azithromycin tablets also. This is because this drug is primarily eliminated in our body through our kidneys. What will happen if the metabolites of this drug would not be removed from our body? This will definitely cause toxicity and this can do more harm than good to our body.

One important thing to consider when taking antibiotics is to finish the entire course of treatment. Even if you are feeling better, still continue taking Azithromycin tablets as prescribed by your doctor. This is the common mistake when taking antibiotics. This bad habit can lead to mutation and resistance of bacteria. This means that the next time around you will need an antibiotic that has a greater strength than before because the bacteria has become resistant to the previous antibiotic that you used.

If you buy antibiotics online, be sure that you only transact with legitimate web pharmacies. Be cautious with your transactions.