Azithromycin Tablets: Uses and Interactions

To effectively reap the intended benefits of any drugs, a wise consumer would have to know all the necessary information about the medication and how it can generally affect him. Drugs like antibiotics need careful understanding as well as knowledge because negligence when taking it can be very dangerous in the long run. As what you might know, bacteria that cause infections can easily mutate and build resistance to antibiotics. If you are not careful about the dosage and the kind of antibiotics you are taking, chances are in the long run you will find it more difficult to eradicate infections in the future. That is why for any infections that you might be suffering right now we do not recommend you to slef-medicate. Trust only your doctor since they are the only ones who can diagnose you condition and can prescribe you the right treatment for your infection.

Among the most popular and prescribed treatment for infections today are azithromycin tablets. Known for its brand name Zithromycin, azithromycin tablets are very effective in killing selected bacteria that might cause you ailments when left untreated. Among them are those that cause skin infections, otitis media, sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory infections, ulcers, and many others. But take note you may not use azithromycin tablets to protect yourself from viruses. There is a separate medicine intended to treat infections caused by various viruses.

Azithromycin tablets generally belong to the macrolide antibiotics that fight the bad bacteria inside the body. We say bad bacteria because our body also accommodates some good bacteria that benefits our general health. Apart from treating infections, azithromycin tablets may also be used for other purposes as prescribed by your doctor.

Since azithromycin tablets are a kind of drugs, you might also expect it to react with other drugs. That is why prior of taking azithromycin tablets you have to tell your doctor if you are into other medications. Even supplements and vitamins you should also inform your healthcare provider so that you will be assessed whether azithromycin tablets are the right medicines for you or not. Otherwise, you might experience the unwanted side effects and even the complications due to drug interactions.

Azithromycin tablets can be taken by mouth, just like the other drug tablets. You may ingest this together with your meals or not. To make it even more effective, we recommend you to take your azithromycin tablets at a fixed schedule to ensure you don’t miss your medications. Also an approximately equal time interval between doses can help you maximize the benefits of your azithromycin tablets. You might include this during the discussions with your doctor.

Once you have started taking azithromycin tablets remember that you have to continue the medication until the prescribed period is over. Don’t stop even if it seems your condition has improved. This is to prevent any bacteria left from the chances of growing and reproducing back again. Lastly, never change your dosage unless your doctor has told you to do so.