Azithromycin Tablets – An Overview of this Highly Recognized Antibiotic

When given the thought of bacteria, many of us simply think about microorganisms and not the infection that they can cause.  While it is true that many bacteria are not really deadly and infectious to us, the thing is, some are.  The truth is, any form of bacterial infection should be treated with importance so as to prevent any further complications of the organ it has infected.

In the past, the capacity to treat such bacterial infections was not available.  In fact, they were not even aware that bacteria existed.  Fortunately, a man by the name of Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin and it became the first form of antibiotic that helps in purging infections.  Since the discovery penicillin and its antibiotic properties, many other antibiotics were discovered, with one being called azithromycin tablets.  These azithromycin tablets are one of the best-selling and highly recognized antibiotics in the field of medicine.  Normally, azithromycin tablets are prescribed to people who have allergies towards penicillin.

These days, bacterial infections are still common, particularly on areas that are not keen on sanitation.  Fortunately, if we do get infected by bacteria, we can always rely on antibiotics like azithromycin tablets to help us in purging the infection within us.  Antibiotics like azithromycin tablets are very effective in eliminating bacterial infections because their main mechanism of action is to stop the growth of bacteria by interfering with its protein synthesis.  Simply put, if the bacteria are not able to produce proteins for its energy, it will not be able to grow and multiply.

Azithromycin tablets are prescription antibiotic medications which mean you cannot acquire them from your local pharmacy without the necessary prescription from your doctor.  Even though azithromycin tablets are prescription medications, azithromycin tablets can be safely used by children, but of course under the strict instructions of a medical professional.  Azithromycin tablets can be used to treat different forms of bacterial infections.  However, the most common infections that azithromycin tablets are used for are otitis media, bronchitis, enteritis or gastrointestinal infections, respiratory infections, typhoid, and many more.  In fact, azithromycin can also be used in treating sexually transmitted diseases like cervicitis, chlamydia, and non-gonococcal urethritis.

The main difference of azithromycin tablets when compared to other antibiotics like erythromycin is that azithromycin tablets are more acid-stable.  This means you can take azithromycin tablets even with an empty stomach.  If a medication is not acid-stable, you are required to protect the medication from strong stomach acids by eating first and allowing the stomach acids to be diluted and concentrate more on the food you have ingested and not on the medication that will follow suit.  Such is not required with azithromycin tablets because as recently mentioned, the drug is acid-stable.

Even though azithromycin tablets are very effective when it comes to treating bacterial infections, always keep in mind that taking this medication without proper diagnosis or prescription may actually be dangerous, especially if you have conditions like liver disease, allergies towards this form of antibiotic, are hypotensive, or have some form of psychiatric problem.  Under most circumstances of the conditions mentioned, your doctor will not be prescribing you with azithromycin tablets.